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For over 25 years the Boone’s Restoration family has been serving the Houston area. Since 1991 Boone’s Restoration has helped countless families in our community get back into their homes after a disaster. Utilizing state of the art technology and processes, we are proud to serve our community with the highest level of integrity whenever disaster may strike.

Mold Removal Houston Texas

Mold Removal Houston Texas

If you have mold in your home or establishment, and you need mold removal in Houston, Texas, then you need safe mold removal and cleanup from a trusted expert who knows what they are doing. Performing mold remediation in an interior environment requires the presence of well-trained, certified professionals. Indeed, mold removal is not a job to be taken lightly. You could easily make the situation worse by trying to do it yourself or by hiring the cheapest handyman you can find to perform the task for you.

Boone's Restoration Technologies uses the best technology and the best practices when we perform mold removal in Houston. Our mold removal experts are powered by the best equipment to ensure a thorough, safe, and effective job is done every time. Mold can make you, your family, and your pets sick. Over time, mold spreads into other places; it never stays idle. If you know that you have mold, notice signs that you may have mold, or just suspect that there may be mold in your home or establishment, give Boone's Restoration Technologies a call. We'll come to your place and perform a series of air quality and spot tests to determine if you have mold.

Getting Started with Mold Removal

Over time, moisture that has entered the wall assembly of your building will create a full-blown fungal ecology. In other words, mold will grow. The first sign of mold in the walls will usually be spotting or the presence of an odor, and typically, if it is greater than one square meter, it is recommended that you bring in a professional. A professional would come in and install a critical barrier to contain the site before starting any remediation activities. The critical barrier would be under negative air, and your professional contractor would be suited up with protective gear.

We Use a Critical Barrier to Contain the Mold

A typical example of a critical barrier is erected onsite around the problem remediation area. The critical barrier must be taped and sealed, must be under negative pressure, and it must be signed to know exactly what is going on inside of that environment. The next thing we do is to stage our moldy material inside of a decon unit. Once the material has been identified, bagged, and tagged, the contaminated material is then packed and double-bag sealed.

The bagging of the debris is processed inside of the containment area, and then it is handed to a worker outside of the containment area, which is now suitable for disposal. It is imperative that a critical barrier is depressurized from the interior environment. This is performed by using a negative air machine and discharging air from the interior of the work area to the exterior of the home or building that we are working in.

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In addition to using a critical containment chamber and utilizing the best practices, Boone's Restoration Technologies also provides fast, thorough, and efficient mold removal in Houston, Texas. Call us to do for an in-home assessment.

Mold Removal Houston Texas
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