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For over 25 years the Boone’s Restoration family has been serving the Houston area. Since 1991 Boone’s Restoration has helped countless families in our community get back into their homes after a disaster. Utilizing state of the art technology and processes, we are proud to serve our community with the highest level of integrity whenever disaster may strike.

Water Damage Restoration Houston Tx

Water Damage Restoration Houston Tx

Water can make a huge mess and cause lots of damage! This is true whether we're dealing with clean water from a water supply line, contaminated sewer water, or groundwater. Of course, groundwater and sewage add a funky twist to water damage issues, increasing the risk of exposure to bacterial and microbial contaminants. Still, water damage is water damage! Whatever it touches will likely be ruined or damaged.

Houston, TX residents and business owners face many risks for water damage to their properties. For example, most of the homes and buildings in Houston are older. This means that water pipes are more likely to leak or break from extensive rust damage. Houston is prone to severe weather, such as severe thunderstorms and hurricanes. Indeed, water damage restoration in Houston, TX is in high demand!

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Whenever you have water damage - however you have sustained it - you are in a race against the clock! The longer that water sits, the more extensive is the damage that it causes. Of course, water can destroy any items or materials that it comes into contact with, especially those which are submerged in water for longer periods. To be sure; there are measures that you can take to clean up water damage by yourself, but it is highly recommended that you let a pro take care of it for you.

We're not advising you against cleaning water damage on your own because we want your money. The fact is; there are a lot of dangers that can come up when you're dealing with water damage, including the risk of electrocution. Also, if you don't know what to look for, or if you don't have the right tools and equipment for the job, you might run into more serious problems, such as mold growth.

Put simply; there are a lot of benefits to calling a water damage restoration company in Houston, TX. Let's consider a few briefly.

Benefit #1: A Better Job Done

Our technicians are trained and experienced in water, storm, and fire cleanup and restoration. We know how to do the best job possible and even salvage items that you might not think are salvageable.

Benefit #2: We Work Safely

Because our technicians are trained and certified in water damage restoration in Houston, TX, we know all of the danger signs to look out for. We can better keep you, your family, and your belongings as safe as possible during restoration.

Benefit #3: Better Tools and Equipment for Cleanup/Restoration

Boone's Restoration Technologies uses the best tools and equipment in the business to ensure that all jobs are done thoroughly and efficiently. We can make short work out of a restoration project that would take weeks without our tools and equipment.

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As you can see, water damage is a serious problem that needs to be addressed urgently. You're better off leaving it to a pro than trying to fix it yourself. Besides, your insurance will probably pay for it! Contact Boone's Restoration Technologies today for water damage restoration in Houston, TX.


Water Damage Restoration Houston Tx
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